Attracted To You Or What You Do?

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Attracted to Love-MoneyIs romance in the air? Contrary to popular belief, successful people enjoy being in a relationship like anybody else even though the demands on your time and attention often make this difficult. But some wooers are attracted to you simply because of your success. So, before you take the plunge, assess their motives. Make sure they’re not only courting you because:

  • They’re Attracted To Your High Profile

You’re well-known in the community and many folks will want to enjoy that stature and “celebrity” status too. Being in a relationship with a “mover and shaker” gives them this opportunity, so look for signs that they’re charming you because of the influential networks and exclusive doors you can open for them. Make sure they truly enjoy being with you.

  • They’re Attracted To Your Money

Ouch! No one wants to think that admirers are only pursuing you because of what you can do for them financially, but this is a reality more often than you think.  When you can afford exclusive experiences and finery, there will be plenty of moochers happy to latch onto you so they can enjoy this too. Don’t be so quick to impress.

  • They Expect You To Have A Fantastic Future

You’re a proven winner, therefore folks will be eager to hitch a ride on your star because they expect it to continue to rise. But will they stick around if you downshift or head in a different direction? Some will get in the wind immediately, so find out who you’re really dealing with now.

Lots of people will be attracted to you throughout your fast-tracking career, but some may be more interested in the trappings of your success than they are in you. Take time to get to know them well so you can enjoy a romance that is real!

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