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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Working late again on Valentine’s Day? Driving around to find street vendors or stores still open to grab whatever holiday fare they have to sell? Rushing in the door of any restaurant you can get into for that romantic dinner? The whole purpose of this holiday is to celebrate your mate, so give them better treatment — do things differently this year. Make time for your special Valentine.

  • Put the Date on Your Calendar

Sure, you know when Valentine’s Day is, but make sure it’s really on your radar screen. Block out the time on your calendar – including time to get whatever you need to get to make the occasion special. Better yet – take time a day or week ahead to do your prep work so that you’re not rushing around, having to settle for whatever you can get because you’ve waited until the last minute.

  • Make Plans with Your Valentine

You’re much more likely to pry yourself out of the office to celebrate this romantic day if you make specific plans. Even if you want to spring a surprise, chances are greater you’ll follow through if you commit to the celebration time and basic details. And this doesn’t mean complicated and expensive activities and gifts. Time spent together at home is just as meaningful. But be sure you take this seriously and make it home as planned. And if you’re single, don’t work through the holiday because you’re not in a relationship. Celebrate with your friends!

  • Enjoy Yourself!

This is your day too, so allow yourself to have fun! Put the cellphone away because whatever business you’re missing is not as important as the relationship you’re celebrating. Stay in the moment and enjoy it. You can catch up on your work later. It’s important to understand that there always will be more work to do and that there are times when you have to make your life and your loved ones the priority. Instead of just giving lip service to the value statement that “my family comes first” –- show it!

Valentine’s Day is a great time to slow yourself down so you can celebrate the special person in your life. Don’t only give them your love — give them your time and attention too!

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