End the Year with Cheer

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The holidays are here, so plan to end the year with cheer! Don’t complain that the season is ho-hum and wait for others to make it jolly. You can make it joyful, so take steps to do so!

  • Put Sparkle in Your Style

Make yourself smile each time you see yourself in a mirror — don a festive tie or holiday earrings that jingle. Add sparkle to your décor. It’s not necessary to go all out if that’s not your thing. Even little touches at home and in your workspace can help you feel merry. The shimmer will bring cheer to others too! And don’t forget your communications. Holiday greetings, cheery notes, or jolly texts to those you know will create smiles all around.

  • Enjoy Merriment with Others

Though this is a great time of year to take vacation and to get some well-deserved rest, don’t spend all of it alone. Accept invitations to get together with others and invite folks to hang out with you too. This doesn’t mean holding an open house for the neighborhood. Enjoy brunch with a friend or holiday happy hour with a few colleagues and celebrate the spirit of the season. Savor these moments. The memories will always bring you joy.

  • Plan Fun for the Future

Don’t only end the year with merriment, plan some fun for the future. Great times to look forward to help you push through trials and tribulations that you may encounter until then. These don’t have to be elaborate, costly excursions. Simple occasions like family reunions, conference social hours, and other activities can be super enjoyable too.  Select those that are doable and make sure they’re on your calendar.

The end of the year marks a point of transition, so make it a time of cheer. Don’t wait for others to bring joy to you. Make merry yourself!


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