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Dr. E. Carol Webster is a Clinical Psychology Consultant who specializes in Success Psychology. Retired from clinical practice, she is author of Success Management: How to Get to the Top and Keep Your Sanity Once You Get There and The Fear of Success: Stop It From Stopping You!, and host of former television show – Success!, she is well-known for her motivational self-improvement presentations and specialized understanding of the issues affecting high profilers and their unique stresses of success. Dr. Webster has been helping individuals overcome obstacles and attain success in their lives since 1978 and authored a popular online newsletter, Success!Ezine, through this website — DrCarolWebster.com.

Dr. Webster obtained her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Chicago and obtained her Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Clinical Psychology from New York University. She is a former member and Chairperson of the Florida Board of Psychology that licenses psychologists within the State of Florida and continued to serve as an alternate member of its Probable Cause Panel for many years. She was Founding Chairperson of the Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs of the Florida Psychological Association for which she received its Special Award for Outstanding Efforts and Accomplishments and is recipient of its Outstanding Psychologist in the Media Award. Dr. Webster spearheaded the Professional Development and Clinical Practice Management activities of the South Florida Chapter of the Association of Black Psychologists, was honored as Professional Development Pioneer, and served as Chair its Professional Development and Peer Review Committee and Private Practice Development Group. She is a member of the American Psychological Association and serves as a practice development and promotion consultant to mental health practitioners, as well as a mentor and professional development consultant to help students and professionals advance in the profession. Dr. Webster authored the Psychology Private Practice Success!Ezine newsletter through this website to help practitioners promote themselves and their practices. She donates a lot of her time to community service, is a former member of the Broward WorkForce Development Board and CareerSource Broward’s  Employer Services and One-Stop Services and Special Populations Committees, is a former member of the Broward Regional Health Planning Council, and was Founder and President/CEO Emerita of the African American Success Foundation — a think tank whose mission for 20 years until its successful completion in 2020 was to provide research grants to scholars to study Black success instead of the usual focus on Black deficits, failings, and dysfunctions and to broadly disseminate this information to promote the positive image of African Americans.

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Dr. Webster is retired from providing evaluation and treatment so is no longer accepting referrals or making referrals. For individual psychological services, contact your local, state and national psychological associations that will gladly help you identify suitable referrals in your area to meet your needs.


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