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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Congratulations on allowing yourself to enjoy some fun this holiday season! Even the most diehard workaholic is forced to take some down time during the holidays. But how about taking time for yourself throughout the year? Many folks rack up more flex time and vacation days than they could ever take off. Enjoy more of your life this New Year. Do a better job of using your leave time year round.

  • Set the Tone

Stress the message that the holidays are not the only days to enjoy time off. Talk about the benefits of spending time with family and friends throughout the year, and in pursuing interests and activities that uplift you. Encourage staff to schedule vacation and to take other earned time off when you see it piling up unused. Demanding workloads can make this a challenge, but you can underscore the importance of disconnecting from work and encourage creative solutions. This will go far to change the sweat shop atmosphere of many workplaces and impact the fact that workaholic policies tend to emanate from the top. Make it clear that you value your staff and their need to maintain healthy lifestyle habits and relationships in spite of everyone’s taxing work demands and schedules.

  • Walk the Walk

Don’t just talk about the importance of taking time off –- start by taking it yourself! Be a positive role model and show how it can be done – even with a hectic schedule that never lightens up. This underscores the message that your work life needs to be spaced by breaks for self-care, rest, and relaxation to prevent the negative effects of stress from wearing down your mental and physical health. Even a few hours taken here or a few days taken there are better than nothing. Try to schedule time off at least once a quarter. You’ll feel the difference!

  • Applaud the Time-Takers

It’s customary to praise employees who work around the clock and who forego many personal events so that they can keep up with your work flow and expectations. But applaud those who wisely understand the need for time to unwind and recharge. Laud those who push away from their desks to enjoy lunch and a walk around the block. Acknowledge those who insist that it’s important to “have a life” and who look forward to leaving the workplace at the end of the day to enjoy other pursuits and relationships. This is not a negative reflection upon you and the job. On the contrary, these are folks who are more likely to feel valued and appreciated, as well as to bring renewed energy and creativity to their assignments because they’re not worn-out and exhausted. Help all take better care of themselves by insisting that they leave the office after a reasonable workday and disconnect from work – including from responding to e-mails and phone calls unless there is some extreme emergency. This is not common practice in our 24-7 world of today, but you have the power to shape how things are done in your shop. Promote options that support healthy work-life balance.

The New Year is a great time to reflect upon how wonderful it is to enjoy time off to rest and rejuvenate during the holidays and to spend fun time with others. Make it one of your New Year’s resolutions to reap these benefits throughout the year by taking time off for yourself as you need it.

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