Mental Toughness

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mental strentheningStresses and crises come and go. But sometimes many troubles can overwhelm you at once, making you feel like you’re drowning. It takes mental toughness to stay afloat, so you can’t afford to lose emotional strength. Build muscle by remembering the following:

  • You Can’t Always Handle Everything at the Same Time

Mental toughness doesn’t mean superheroism. Multiple stresses tax your nerves and sometimes you simply can’t tackle all of them at once. Each may be terrible, but usually some problems are worse than others, so try to put them in order.  Get a grip on the one that’s wreaking the most havoc in your life so that you can regain a feeling of control as soon as possible

  • Keep Your Focus

As you try to get a handle on one problem, the others continue to push in on you too. Expect this but stay focused. Keep your attention on the most urgent problem. Eliminate distractions. Cut off your cellphone. Silence pings and dings on your computer. Push back on intruding thoughts about other troubles you’ll have to tackle later. Don’t give in to these worries. Remind yourself that you’re working on the most important stressor now and that the others will just have to wait.

  • Take Time to Exhale

Focusing your attention and emotions on crises takes its toll. You can’t do this indefinitely without causing your psyche and health to suffer, so take a break once you’ve stopped the flood. Pause a moment to breathe, to relax, and to take care of your basic needs. Enjoy a meal – even though you must do so quickly and don’t have much appetite. Take a little walk to clear your head. Then get back on track to further contain the stress that confronts you. Or move on to the next problem that demands your attention.

Mental toughness is an essential coping skill. Keep strengthening yours. Focus your resolve on the most urgent stresses that plague you and remember to take time to take care of you!


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