Hang Tough In Tough Times

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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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These are tough economic times and just about everyone is feeling squeezed in one way or another. It’s enough to make you depressed and, indeed, mental health professionals are very busy these days. But what they will all tell you is that those who are most resilient will weather these trying times. And you can learn how to become one of these folks.

  • Stay Focused

Whether you’ve been laid off, are watching your business plummet, or are the only one left to do all the work of your former team, try to keep your focus. Get out and job hunt everyday, make the networking rounds to prospect for new business, and stay visible with decision-makers if you’re still employed. The natural tendency is to want to withdraw and to feel sorry for yourself, but resist this. Those who withstand tough times must be tough themselves.

  • Look for New Solutions

Chances are that the old way of doing things is not going to result in success today. But no action guarantees no results, so go ahead and try those strategies that have worked for you in the past. Then think of new steps you can take to find that job or business. Add new people to your network. Move in a new direction. Use your imagination. Resilient people whose workload has tripled take advantage of corporate flux to recommend new ways of doing things. They devise new strategies for tackling their so that they don’t crumble under the weight of it all. You can do this too.

  • Embrace Change

During these difficult economic times, it’s best to expect change. Those who fare best accept that things may need to be done differently now and look for ways that this can have positive meaning for them. It’s important to believe that you will weather the storm and possibly come out in better shape somehow. Monitor your thoughts and stamp out negative, pessimistic thinking. Look forward to what tomorrow may bring and let optimism guide your actions in spite of the fact that today may feel pretty crummy.

Getting through tough times takes grit. You can do it. Keep working your plan, use ingenuity to push through obstacles, and look for ways that changes occurring in your life can have positive meaning for you. Until things improve, hang tough!



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