Is It You or What You Do?

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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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As you become more successful, you receive the admiration and attention of more “fans” than you can keep up with. It’s natural to worry about their motives. Are they really interested in you or in the fact that you hold a position of prominence in the community? You’re right to question this. All don’t have your best interests at heart. In fact, some probably have their eyes on your spot. That’s the way life goes at the top, so learn how to deal with your new realities.

  • Accept That You Are A “Celebrity”

Just like performers, athletes and politicians, you are a “celebrity”. You probably don’t see yourself this way, but once people begin to recognize you and what you do as you move about your community you have attained “celebrity” status. The public’s interest in you increases tremendously as your success rises, and their desire to contact you and be in your presence rises too. Get used to this. It only gets worse the higher you go.

  • Don’t Look for Friends

It may trouble you that you can’t always tell who wants to be around you because they truly like you versus those who just want something from you. Assume that the latter is the case. At times, the “something” is just being in your presence and being able to say they know you. Other times people are looking to cash in on their affiliation with you in one way or another. So don’t look for “friends’ here. These throngs are now your “fans”, clients, or other business-related constituents. For friends, rely upon the trusted members of your Success Entourage.

  • Success Entourage

To cope with the emotional isolation you feel even though you are surrounded by people all the time, reach out to your Success Entourage. Like all celebrities, you too have members of your “team” who know well how to take care of you. These are the folks who have known you over the years and who are there for you whether your “star” is rising or – perhaps more importantly – even when it’s falling. They always have your back and are not looking for anything from you. You may add a few folks to this list as you go along, but probably not many. This is why most high profilers tap into the same pool of folks when new opportunities emerge – because they can count on them. They don’t have to worry about their authenticity – or about being stabbed in the back.

Celebrity status is exciting and you deserve to enjoy yours. Just adjust the expectations you have of the throngs of people who now surround you and you’ll be just fine.

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