Snarkiness Can Sabotage Your Success

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snarky boss Enjoy the headiness of your climb to the top, but ditch the attitude. Snarkiness can sabotage your success, so get a grip on yourself. There’s no need to squash others to make yourself feel superior. You enjoy a level of status and stature that most only dream of, so don’t zap folks with zingers to boost your ego.

  • Snarkiness is a Put Down

With few exceptions, making snide, backhanded remarks is designed to put people in their place. No matter how successful you’ve become, there may be times when you feel compelled to flaunt your power to make sure everyone knows who’s boss. You may veil barbs in humor and insist that you’re only joking, but people see through this. And they don’t like it. If they have options, they’ll probably transfer out or quit altogether so they don’t have to put up with you. Those who must continue to work for you will probably find creative ways to sabotage you eventually.  Don’t help them undermine your success. Get yourself together!

  • Bad Attitudes Betray Insecurities

You’re most likely to make disparaging comments and gestures when you feel threatened. Being surrounded by competent superiors, colleagues and, yes, subordinates can trigger feelings of self-doubt and cause you to look for ways to bolster your confidence. Get help with this. Observe how your mentors handle competition and criticism. Work with a success coach. But don’t continue to resort to snarkiness.

  • Take a Break!

You may notice it yourself — that you become more sarcastic when you get burned out and need a break. In today’s 24/7 response environment, it’s easy to feel put upon and to become exhausted by the demands of your high profile workload and lifestyle. You may express your resentment by pushing back with smart-alecky, if not outright disdainful, remarks and actions.   So if folks start running for the hills when they see you coming, take a hint. Time off to decompress and rejuvenate will do you good. Try your best to schedule vacation once a quarter. Even short “staycations” can help. But if taking a break doesn’t improve your attitude, take this seriously and contact your EAP or local mental health professional.

Snarkiness reflects poorly on you and can sabotage your success. There’s no need for power puffery, so don’t get in your own way!

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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.

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