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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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It can be easy to forget “where you came from” as you become more successful. Many people have come up through the ranks, but quickly lose all memory of what work life was like lower down on the ladder. Don’t fall prey to this. Keep your ego in check.

  • Don’t Be a Big Shot

You know your position in the company or in the community and so does everyone else. No need to become arrogant or to ooze self-importance. Having an attitude only alienates you from others. And remember that ego tripping pegs you as a person with insecurities who needs to cover up with bravado and bluster. Be for real.

  • Remember the Old Days

Take stock of how you started out and the attitudes and behaviors that got you this far. Remember life in the trenches. The people you left behind are still there dealing with the issues you used to wrestle with. Don’t lose sight of these struggles and how nice it would’ve been to have someone understand what you were experiencing – not to mention to show appreciation for your hard work. Yes, now you’re the boss and have to see that the work gets done no matter what. But don’t lose your ability to relate to those working for and with you and to be a help to them — not a hindrance.

  • Don’t Kick Critics to the Curb

Critics are vital members of your Success Entourage – those folks who have supported you along the way and now help you maintain your success. They give you frank feedback and keep you grounded. You may feel better when you’re surrounded by “yes” by men and women who only tell you what you want to hear. Insulating yourself this way may stroke your ego and help you feel brilliant, but will not make you invincible and, on the contrary, will keep you vulnerable to threats that can sabotage and undermine you. Critics “tell it like it is”, so invite their input to keep yourself sharp and prepared for potential challenges.

Enjoy your success, but keep it real. Avoid dissing those you passed on the way up. You may be working with them again one day on your way back down.

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