Keep Your Feet on the Ground

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Congratulations on your success! You deserve to be proud of yourself. But don’t get carried away. No one likes a show-off, so come back down to earth. Keep your feet on the ground.

  • Don’t Be Full of Yourself

Yes, you’re the star in the room, but let people figure this out themselves. It’s not necessary to crow and strut around to ensure that you’re the center of attention. There are many times when it’s fine to toot your own horn to promote your business interests, but be mindful of the situation you’re in ¾ especially social occasions. If someone doesn’t know who you are, don’t let hurt feelings cause you to start bragging. It’s not the end of the world to be unrecognized and folks will be more impressed to learn later that they spent time with a genuine VIP who was not a blowhard.

  • Take Time to Listen

Don’t do all the talking when you’re mingling with people. You may pride yourself on being the expert, but others have important information and unique perspectives too. It’s arrogant to assume that you’re the only one who has anything of value to contribute, so make a point of listening to what they have to say.

  • Open Doors for Others

As you spend time with diverse groups, take note of those who show great promise and who simply may need an opportunity to shine. Rather than remaining absorbed with yourself and your own needs, think about how you can use your success to help someone else. Mentor some of these folks, even if informally. Make calls of introduction for those you could help to network. This costs you very little but could mean the world to them.

Enjoy your prominence and stature, but keep it real. There’s no shame in practicing humility. Step out of the limelight to let others shine too. Even better, make opportunities to put them in the limelight yourself!


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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.

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