Abandon Arrogance

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Think you’re hot stuff? You may be, but don’t get too full of yourself. No one wants to be around an arrogant blowhard, so come down to earth. Kick your inflated ego to the curb.

  • Stop Acting Superior To Others

When you outrank others in job position, education, income, or social status, you may look down your nose at those you don’t consider to be on your same level. You have every right to feel proud of yourself for your accomplishments, but don’t exaggerate your successes and pump yourself up by treating others like nobodies. People from all walks of life can succeed and they deserve recognition and respect too. When you denigrate others so that you can feel grand, you’re broadcasting that you have insecurities and low self-esteem that you’re covering with arrogant puffery. Show some humility. Speak to everyone in the organization. Get to know the people around you. You didn’t succeed by yourself alone. Some of these folks helped you along the way and still make you look good. You want them to continue to do so.

  • Help Others Succeed

Because you’re focused on elevating yourself, you probably don’t show much interest in helping others get ahead. Though you’re well-positioned in your company, organization, and social networks, you’re likely to use your connections solely to advance your own interests without any thought about how you could boost the careers or other aspirations of your hard working and high achieving employees and less prominent colleagues. Leave a legacy. Take pride in helping someone other than yourself. You’ll be rewarded with praise that will give you a genuine reason to feel good about yourself.

  • Invite Constructive Criticism

Arrogant people have a hard time accepting criticism — even when it’s constructive in nature and only designed to help them. Receiving anything other than accolades probably riles you, and may spark a tirade of rants and aggressive putdowns towards anyone who crosses your path.  Get a grip and recognize that openness to self-improvement is a sign of strength, not an indication of weakness. Don’t wait to get taken down during your annual evaluation when everyone that you’ve offended is asked to weigh in. Along with blistering reviews, you may be shown the door. Start inviting feedback from the people you trust most. Though your ego will cause you to think you already know how you’re coming across, what you learn probably won’t be very flattering.

Few people want to work with arrogant, impolite know-it-alls.  Ditch your haughtiness before you learn the hard way that your perch is not permanent.


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