No Obligation to Celebrate Everyone on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is a great occasion to express your love for those you care about.  But don’t go overboard. Like most holidays, Valentine’s Day is over-commercialized, causing you to feel compelled to buy cards, flowers, sweets, and other gifts for everyone under the sun. Don’t be manipulated by persistent marketing messages or social media photos of the showy things others are buying and doing for their loved ones. The holiday was designed to celebrate romantic relationships, so it’s totally fine to limit your focus to your significant other or those you’re wooing. This means you don’t have to pay tribute to everyone, including the following:

  • Family & Friends

Don’t spend time stressing about what to give to family members and friends on this day of love. Put on a show if you can afford it, but don’t even think about this if you’re going to suffer worry and regret when it’s time to pay the bills.  There’s no obligation to give these folks presents on Valentine’s Day. It’s understandable that you want to make them feel cherished, especially those who don’t have a special Valentine right now, but a heartfelt telephone greeting can express your love too.

  • Work Pals

Though you may spend more time with your boss and co-workers than you do with family and friends, you’re not obligated to revere these folks on Valentine’s Day. You may love them to death, but most people don’t get into romantic relationships with their work pals so have no burden to show them special attention. This includes your manager. Of course, feel free to put a plate of goodies on your desk for anyone to enjoy who stops by. This probably won’t stress you and your budget as much and expresses the sentiment you wish to convey.

  • Celebrate Your Romantic Partner

In the genuine spirit of the holiday, enjoy this day of romance with your partner or the person you hope this will be one day. Shower them with the best if you have the means. If you don’t, a simple expression of your love is okay too. In fact, those who’ve been together a long time may decide to forego the pomp and circumstance of this occasion since you enjoy a big celebration on your anniversary every year. But few folks tire of being wined and dined, so by all means enjoy this extra day of festivity too!

Don’t stress yourself about the need to give expressions of love to everyone you know on Valentine’s Day. This is a time to rejoice romance in your life, so keep the focus on that special someone!


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