Make Father’s Day Special For StepFathers Too

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fathers day ahead signStepfathers can be underappreciated on holidays like Father’s Day. Some children are quick to say “You’re not my father,” considering only their “real” dads as deserving of celebration. Don’t be one of these folks. When your stepdad has been a steady positive presence in your life, give him the ‘props he deserves on this special occasion.

  • Acknowledge Your Stepfather’s Importance

You may not consider your stepfather your “real” dad, but he’s probably the “real deal.” Many have made tremendous personal and financial sacrifices to provide you with the best in life and don’t have any regrets about doing this. Most accept your biological father’s place in your heart but, when questioned, view you as their child too. While they may not feel the need to muscle into the #1 spot, many deserve to be there because of all they’ve contributed emotionally and tangibly to you throughout the years. Acknowledging this importance doesn’t negate the significance of your other father. It just helps you accept the vital role a stepparent has played in your life and how they’ve helped you become the great success you are today.

  • Make A Fuss

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate dads, so make it special for your stepdad too. It’s possible to honor him on this day as well as your biological father. But more than parties and gifts, your stepfather is likely to most value your expressions of love and appreciation, so be mindful of this. Dig out some memorabilia and reminisce about cherished occasions from the past. Displaying these keepsakes and talking about the good times with your stepdad will warm his heart. Hopefully they’ll remind you too of the notable role he’s played in your life.

  • Get Help If Needed

If you just don’t feel stepfathers deserve celebration, talk about this with a friend. If your family issues are thorny, consult a therapist. There can be reasons you’re disinclined to show any of the usual niceties to your stepdad on Father’s Day, so it’ll help you to understand why. And this slight can be extremely hurtful to your stepfather, so talking about it in a family session will help you both.

This Father’s Day, make the day special for your stepdad. He’s given of himself to make life special for you, so this is a great time to do the same for him!

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