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As Father’s Day approaches, enjoy your success as a Fast Track Dad. It’s tough to juggle the demands of career and family life, but congratulations for doing your job in helping your children develop into healthy, happy individuals. Your success affects them too, so teach them how to manage it well.

  • Everyone Rises As You Do

As you gain social stature because of your success, your family members do too. Their own accomplishments may not have earned them this distinction but, until they say or do something to get “demoted,” their profile rises as yours does. It’s important for them to understand this. Along with the many joys of success come special burdens and responsibilities, so hold frequent family discussions to help everyone learn how to manage it.

  • Everyone Lives in the Fishbowl Now

Along with “celebrity” status comes the burden of living under constant observation and critique. Life in the fishbowl extends to everyone in your family and social circle. You’re used to this and are skilled at how to deal with all the attention ― both positive and negative. But your loved ones must learn how to deal with their newfound stature too. Talk openly about this so they can avoid faux pas in the glare of the limelight.

  • Share Success Networks

As you tap into new success networks, when appropriate, connect your family & friends. Just as it’s important for you to surround yourself with other winners, your children need these role models too. They learn a lot from others who are skilled at coping with the special stresses of success and will benefit from opportunities to connect with those who understand them. Like you, they must establish new support networks and who better to open these doors for them than you!

Fast Track Dads deserve kudos for their great success and the difference this makes in the lives of their families. Enjoy your Father’s Day festivities and get a great boost to propel you further on the fast track.

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