Dads Deserve A Break Too

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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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When it comes to holidays, Dads often miss out. Even on Father’s Day they’re out there firing up the grill and sometimes cooking their own dinner if they’re known for their tasty delights. Those who are taken out for a nice meal usually drive the family there and probably pay the bill. But no matter how traditional your relationship is, Dad’s deserve a break too, so enjoy a little more special treatment this year.

  • Speak Up!

Your family can’t wine and dine you if they don’t know how you’d really like to spend your day. Sure, they usually ask you and you probably tell them something. But search your feelings – yes, those corny things – to discover what you really consider “special”. Tell your loved ones and let them take it from there. Don’t discard possibilities because you know they’re not practical, realistic, or affordable. Everything isn’t doable, but the idea is to give others a chance to better understand what you like. And don’t eliminate little things like getting a chance to see what it feels like to ride in the passenger seat of your car for a change!

  • Treat Yourself

While it’s great to have family and friends make a big fuss, don’t rely only on others to make your day a great one. There’s nothing wrong with getting a gift for yourself! You know your special hobbies and interests best and usually will get what you really want. Sometimes what you really want is time –- time to sit by yourself to read or fish or stare at the sky. This doesn’t have to compete with Father’s Day festivities. Go early in the morning or on another day altogether with the understanding that this special outing is just for you. It’s okay to be selfish – this is your special day.

  • No Multitasking

On this one day, try as hard as you can to enjoy some downtime. Sure, you could give the car a quick washing or whack a few weeds while nothing special is going on, but give yourself a chance to just “be”. The day doesn’t have to be managed or controlled. Just allow it to proceed as it will. Pay attention to the love being shown to you. Allow yourself to enjoy it. This requires slowing down and disconnecting from the many “obligations” that you could feel compelled to take care of. This will feel weird — maybe even uncomfortable, but try to go with it this year.

Some holidays and special occasions are a time for celebrating you. Let yourself enjoy the love and attention on these days. But don’t accept short-shrift. If necessary, treat yourself!

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