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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Father’s Day is upon us and it’s time to celebrate you! In addition to advancing the mission of your employer or business and the community, you promote the success of your children and are applauded for that too. It’s easy for high profilers to become overly absorbed in their careers, but congratulations for understanding how important your involvement is to your kids’ development. Key factors that contribute to their success:

  • You Expect Your Children to Achieve

Whether it’s mastering the 3 R’s, excelling in college or trade school, or on a job, your expectations are very clear. You expect your kids to achieve. Failure is not an option and you don’t just fuss and preach. You teach the steps needed to make success happen. And, though time is not usually available for you to be as hands-on as you’d like, you make sure that your children have the resources and people around them to succeed. This means that the “toys” come second and are rewards for goal achievement. And you expect that hours will be spent on the job or books before the basketball court or video games.

  • You Show Your Kids How to Shine in the Spotlight

As a high profiler, you are particularly well equipped to help your kids learn how to conduct themselves “in the spotlight”. This is a critical skill for high profile children and is why you never hear about yours being involved in scandals and other trouble as youth or adults, unlike those of many of your fast tracking peers. You have taught yours about the stresses of success and how they must comport themselves in order to cope. You help them understand, even at early ages, that they are “on stage” most of the time and must dress, speak and behave with all the good manners you and your spouse or others have taught them. You remind them that, though they may want to “do their own thing,” they don’t have the luxury of doing this most of the time. You help them accept the fact that, even within the privacy of home, there are high expectations for their behavior. Congratulations for clearly spelling out the many ways they must be ever-mindful of their actions, especially in today’s “gotcha” social media environment.

  • You Take Time to Smell the Roses

Though you are doing well financially, kudos to you for understanding that money is not a substitute for giving time and attention to those you love and care about. No matter how limited, enjoying your family and friends is invaluable and benefits them as well as you more than all the gifts you can give them. Spending time by yourself and for yourself is also essential and must be guarded vigorously. You have learned that it’s fine to work for tomorrow but that many don’t make it to tomorrow so you must stop long enough to savor the beauty and happiness of each day today. Like many high profile Dads, you do a great job of providing for your family and teaching your kids how to attain and manage success. Though you may be on the go even on Father’s Day, you deserve to be celebrated so take enough time out to enjoy your special day!

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