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Some folks haven’t thought about their brand image in years. Your professional role and reputation can change and so can you, but these things need to remain in close alignment. For example, you always have a right to revive your cherished hippie look, but expect clients and colleagues in your ultra-conservative field of work to start showing you the door. And remember that your image is “out there” in many ways beyond appearance, so be sure you’re projecting your best.

  • Invest In A New Photo

If your online pages are still sporting that selfie you took on your cellphone years ago, it’s time to step up your game and get a professional photo.  Sure, smartphones can take awesome pictures these days, but as you become more successful don’t cut corners and present yourself in an amateurish manner. People are viewing your headshot for business and career purposes, so your attire, demeanor, and pose should portray your professionalism. Let an expert photographer give you the winning edge. And if you’re the boss, do your employees a favor — pick up the tab! It’s a great perk and will make the public face of your company the best it can be.

  • Update Your Bio

You’ve probably accomplished a lot since you wrote your bio, so be sure to add career and civic achievements. And don’t be like a lot of people and forget about awards. You deserve to be proud of yourself, so toot your own horn! And if writing isn’t your thing, hire some help. A pro can present your bona fides in the best light without mistakes that are common in do-it-yourself narratives.  Many successful people hire public relations firms to handle all their promotional activities, while others work with freelancers on an as-needed basis. There are plenty of options to help give your brand a boost.

  • Check Your Brand Image Online

You know it’s important to inspect your social media accounts to ensure that no images or postings undermine your success, but are you really using a critical eye? You may feel you have the right to show your sense of humor or “quirkier” side online but, unless these are work skills, those who’re considering you for business opportunities may take a dim view of goofy entries. And ranting about the issues of the day or pushing political opinions can give you problems even when viewed on your “personal” sites. In this digital age, expect anything you say or do in your personal life to turn up in professional spheres too.

Take care of your brand image. Ongoing tweaks and updates serve you well, so make time to keep your brand looking great!


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