Your Personal “Brand”

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Your Personal “Brand”

E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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It may insult you to think of yourself as a “product,” but you have a personal “brand” too. And given the sluggish economy and business climate, you must distinguish yourself from the masses competing with you for better jobs and clients. Take this issue seriously. Identify your “brand” and manage it carefully throughout your career.

  • Understand that You Have a Brand

First and foremost, accept that you have a brand. Most people think they’re known for their impressive resumes and that’s all there is to it. But you become known for your attitudes, values and behaviors as well as your “job description.” In fact – the kinds of things people say about you probably relate more to your personal qualities than your technical skills. “Always on top of things.” “Follows up.” “Loyal to the team.” “Tells it like it is.” “Can be counted on.” “Knows everybody.” People sum you up in a few words. Most will say the same things about you. This is your personal brand.

  • Eliminate Brand Inconsistencies

Once you identify and accept your brand, look for inconsistencies that undermine it. Do you doggedly coach others at work about self-discipline and healthy living but scoff down more fried food and booze than anyone after hours? Are you responsible for promoting honesty and trustworthiness in the workplace but gossip about management and pilfer office supplies? These are significant brand inconsistencies that can undermine your credibility and wreck your success. If you find it hard to continuously live up to the qualities associated with your brand, stop pretending. Modify others’ view of you. Otherwise, live up to your reputation.

  • Get Help to Manage Your Brand

Since it can be hard to be objective all the time, get help to monitor and manage your brand. Call upon the Critics in your Success Entourage to confront you when you are speaking or behaving in ways that contradict your brand. Retain a consultant to help you resolve problems and enhance your image overall. You’re more likely to become embroiled in scandal and controversy when you’re surrounded by “Yes” men and women who tell you what you want to hear. Send them packing. Instead, listen to those who are straight with you. They tell you when you’re not living up to the standards you’ve set for yourself and that people now expect of you. Encourage feedback and criticism. It will help you keep yourself on track. Just like everyday products, you have a brand too. Be mindful of it at all times and manage it carefully. It’s part of your rise to success and will be part of your fall if you don’t tend to it fastidiously.

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