Don’t Shed Your “Brand” in Summer

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Don’t Shed Your “Brand” In Summer

E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Summer is a time for dressing down and enjoying fun activities to rest and rejuvenate. Go for it! But as a high profiler, don’t forget that you still are “on stage” so continue to mind your “brand” even during this relaxed time of year.

  • Your “Fans” Expect You to Look the Same

Your office may shift to dress down mode in summers, but remember that you’re still at work. You can’t look like you’re headed for a hike in the woods when you greet clients or show up for a meeting. Even when you’re “off duty”, you still are associated with your role at work or in the community. Whether fair or not, that’s the way it is. Your “fans” know you by this identity and view you through this same lens when they see you on the job or chilling at the beach. If you’ve been the embodiment of modesty as part of your brand, don’t go hog wild in shedding this image in your free time. It’s still a part of you and your success so lighten it up a bit –- but don’t let it all hang out!

  • Your “Fans” Expect You to Act the Same

As with your dress, your brand includes your customary mannerisms and behavior. People expect you to come across this same way wherever you go. They intellectually understand that you’re “on vacation”, but become stunned and disappointed when they see you speaking or acting “out of character”. Expect your brand to take a hit if you go overboard by drinking too much, whooping it up in an unflattering manner, or talking trash, for example. Remain mindful even if you’re at some remote location. Because of your visibility, you can run into folks who know you there too! The point isn’t that you can’t relax and have fun. You just don’t have as much freedom to “do your own thing” as others do.

  • Accept Your Reality

With very few exceptions, most tarnished brands occur because of the failure to accept the constraints imposed upon your individuality and self-expression. While your brand affords you great success, you don’t get to shed it when you feel like it. Those whose egos tell them otherwise tend to wind up in trouble –- having to spend time and money doing damage control to restore their image and re-establish their success. Avoid this headache. Accept your reality.

Enjoy your summer and the opportunity to step back and unwind a bit. Just remember that you still are on stage even when you’re chilling so conduct yourself accordingly.

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