Cell Phone Chatter Damaging Your Brand?

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Cell phones help us stay connected 24/7. But just because you have it doesn’t mean you must use it at all times.  You’re not obligated to respond to every call the instant it comes in, so use self-discipline and prudence when you’re in work situations.

  • Stop Broadcasting Your Business

When working, neither your colleagues nor your clients want to hear about your personal problems. Discussing the trials and tribulations of your life on the phone in front of them is inappropriate and can cast you in a negative light. Even talking at length about positive things can portray you as self-absorbed and arrogant to assume that others care about all that’s happening in your life. So if you absolutely must answer your cellphone, keep the conversation short and to the important point.  If it requires extensive discussion, step away to an area where you have better privacy.  This doesn’t mean taking calls in the bathroom stall. Please use decorum!

  • Don’t Leak Proprietary Information

While it’s often necessary to take business calls while you’re on the go, be mindful of the information you’re revealing when you do this. It’s easy to leak customer names and ID’s, as well as proprietary details about your company. While it may make you feel important to be seen conducting business on the plane, for example, you never know who’s sitting next to you with an interest in the information you’re revealing.  Andin some professions, breeches of confidential information may be unethical, if not illegal, and can get you into great trouble. Urgent matters do occur, but when they’re not life threatening, it may be wiser to opt for the delay than to suffer the damage you may do by engaging in restricted conversation in public.

  • Quit Shattering Your Brand

Every time you engage in behavior that puts you in a negative light, you’re damaging your brand. You can ruin all the qualities you worked hard to perfect in building your professional reputation the minute you communicate or behave in an unflattering manner.  Become a critical observer of your own behavior and get yourself in check. Ask the Critics in your Success Entourage to give you feedback too.

It’s great to be mobile and to be able to conduct business wherever you go.  But remember that all you say can be overheard when you chat in public, so take care to speak in private or not at all to protect your business, as well as your brand.

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