Spring Cleaning Is Great Time to Clean Up Worklife Too

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spring cleaning Spring is a great time to clean house, so use the occasion to sweep out troublesome behaviors and relationships that are undermining your success. Detoxify your professional life and embrace enhancing and uplifting influences instead. What needs to go?

  • Toxic Work Relationships

Disconnect from colleagues who dump their work on you and burden you with their personal problems. These folks never seem able to get it together, so their lives in the office and at home are always a mess. Don’t continue to cover or pick up the slack for them in order to help them out. This doesn’t really promote their success ― or yours ― in the long run. You may have to continue to work with them on projects and other business, but limit your contact to this. Skip the lunches, water cooler chitchats, and definitely any after-hours activities. These co-workers will only continue to drain your energy and ability to excel.

  • Exhausting Personal Relationships

You can’t stay on top of your game when personal life negativity drags you down. If you’re stuck in a dysfunctional love relationship, do something about this. Many problems are quite fixable if you get help. Others are not. Contact your EAP or local mental health professional who can help you assess your situation. They also can serve as objective sounding boards when you’re plagued with relatives or friends who are always embroiled in drama and pull you into their mess. They take a toll on you emotionally, undermining your ability to successfully focus on your personal and work priorities.

  • Unproductive Habits and Behaviors

While other people can hinder your success, you can get in your own way too. Take a look at negative habits and unproductive behaviors that keep you from getting ahead. Are you a procrastinator? A slacker? Be honest with yourself. Sensitive to criticism? Unable to take direction from authority? Get a grip on these issues. Mentors can help. So can success coaches. But sometimes these attitudes and behaviors are entrenched and need professional help. Do yourself a favor and get the help you need.

As you embark upon traditional spring cleaning, take time to clean out your personal and worklife too. Unproductive behaviors and relationships will continue to undermine you, so get rid of toxic influences today!


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