Toss Toxic Relationships

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toss toxic relationships

Toxic relationships getting on your nerves? Toss them! You may have lots of cool folks in your business and social networks, but they can have issues. When they start causing problems for you, it’s time for them to go. Take stock of whether friends and associates are boosting or busting your success to ensure that your relationships remain uplifting and enhancing. This is how you build a dynamic and empowering Success Entourage support system.

  • Log Off Toxic Relationships

Sure, it’s become a way of life to be online in one form or another, but you don’t have to interact with everyone in every forum. Be picky. When you start spending hours responding to contentious email or social media posts directed at you, it’s time to re-assess the folks you’re spending time with on the Internet. Toxic relationships exist online just as they do face-to-face. When people start making your life miserable, kick these folks to the curb.

  • Distance Yourself From Troublemakers

You may like being in the “know” by learning from the office gossip who’s doing this or that, but let this go. You tarnish your “brand” when you become chummy with those who are viewed negatively, so stay mindful of who you’re hanging out with. Of course it’s fine to chat briefly with anyone, but chill relationships with office troublemakers ― and with radioactive friends and relatives too!

  • Make New Contacts

After eliminating toxic relationships from your network, take steps to meet new folks who’ll bring you positivity. Seek out those who have similar ambitions and interests. But include those who offer constructive criticism and helpful feedback instead of the backbiting, crabs-in-the-barrel bickering, and rancor that negative people bring you.

As you move ahead in life, toxic friends, associates and family members can tarnish your success. Let these people go. Keep your success network positive and uplifting so that you and those around you can soar!

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