Beware of Burned Out Co-Workers

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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Some of your co-workers didn’t get the memo: Take time off to rest and rejuvenate when you start feeling stressed at work. Emotional and physical fatigue can cause burned out attitudes and behaviors that taint the workplace for everybody. Many folks prefer to stockpile vacation days or other leave rather than take care of themselves, but encourage them to use the time as intended –- to de-stress. When they don’t, beware of how their burnout can have negative effects upon you:

  • Morale Buster

People who are burned out and unrested are a drain. They become aggravated by people who are cheery and enthusiastic, and dampen your morale with their negative energy the minute they come near. You immediately notice that your mood has deflated, and may find that you start feeling tired and worn-out yourself. So keep your contact with these folks brief. Spend your time with those who are succeeding and engaged in their work, and who are upbeat and optimistic about their future.

  • Gripe-Fester

In addition to draining your energy, burned out staff and colleagues are masters at griping and grousing about any problem that can be found in the workplace. They latch onto the slightest complaint even when it has nothing to do with them and, before you know it, everyone is angry and worked up into an uproar. This is intentional. Gripe-festers need validation of bitter beliefs that they are not working up to par because the company is a bust and no one is happy there.

  •  Saboteur

When allowed to fester, folks who are chronically burned out can become major workplace saboteurs. It’s no longer enough to sour your mood and get you griping about your job. They bad mouth any new initiatives, actively undermine projects, and are not satisfied until everyone is resigning – except them, of course. You are not being paranoid. Folks do act this way and spend most of their time working against you and the company until ultimately they must be terminated.

It’s tough to deal with burned out staff and co-workers once their sour attitudes and behaviors become entrenched. Be persistent in your encouragement that they take vacation and rest breaks, and invest time and resources into staff development training, consultation, and EAP assistance to prevent this type of negativity from taking hold. It won’t help everybody, but you’re certain to promote a healthier workplace by doing so.

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