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 note for slackersYou may love to goof off with colleagues who are slackers, but you must let them go. If they can’t get it together and function responsibly for their own sake, they certainly won’t put any effort into your projects. They may be fun folks, but their inability to get their work done and to contribute to the success of the team is a problem. They often suffer emotional issues that keep them from functioning responsibly, and can harbor underlying feelings of anger and resentment that cause them to thwart the success of others. Who are these folks?

  • They Don’t Keep Appointments or Show Up for Meetings

Despite constant reminders, slackers “forget” important meetings and often don’t even bother to make an excuse for their failure to show up. They’re not concerned about what they missed, and are content to let others do all the work.  Stop rushing to fill them in on things. If their participation isn’t important to them, it’s shouldn’t be important to you.

  • They Don’t Get Things Done

When given a task, don’t count on these folks to do it. Expect them to procrastinate forever or to drop the ball altogether. You’re not likely to hear them offer any explanation for their failure to perform. And if the team suffers a negative consequence because of their ineptitude, they won’t look like they feel bad or take any responsibility for this result.

  • Being a Slacker Doesn’t Bother Them

Perhaps most importantly, it doesn’t bother slackers to be known as non-performers. They find work settings that tolerate their shirking, so feel no urgency to get their act together. You’re probably more upset than they are about the fact that they don’t follow through with required tasks and responsibilities. But stop being so accepting of their unreliability. Distance yourself. Or if you have the authority, take steps to remove these folks from your team. Don’t let their problem become yours!

Slackers can be found in all organizations, but don’t tolerate them in yours. Expect your team to function with pride and efficiency. Show slackers the door!


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