Are You A Slacker?

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Workplace slackers can be found in all types of businesses, organizations and industries. They put forth minimal effort and barely earn the salaries they collect each payday. Their poor work attitudes and behaviors are contagious, causing colleagues to resent being the only employees working hard so, before you know it, everyone is coasting! Are you a slacker? You probably are if any of the following describe you:

  • You Spend Most Of The Day Online

Online technology is great and allows you to do all kinds of things. But you can become captivated by the search for new information, feel compelled to update your social media constantly, shop, play games, and so forth. Some folks are downright addicted. Most employers understand your need to take a break and don’t mind brief off-task activities of this nature, but they aren’t paying you a salary to goof off all day.

  • You’re Always On The Phone

Sure, you don’t want to miss an important personal phone call, but do you have to take every call you receive? People know you’re at work, so it’s up to you to explain that this is not an appropriate time just to “chat.” Some hang on the phone all day without caring that they’re not getting anything done, but still expect to be paid in spite of their poor work ethic and lack of productivity.

  • You Keep Others From Working

In addition to shirking work by gaming and gabbing, some employees keep others from getting anything done by plopping down in their workspaces to socialize. Though a brief distraction might be welcomed, your colleagues care about their jobs and want to complete necessary tasks by the end of the day. Some don’t know how to ask you to leave, so stop being a hindrance and get to work yourself.

Slacking reflects poorly on you and results in lost productivity, customer service and revenue that could benefit everyone in the workplace. You hold the power to improve your work ethic, so take pride in becoming a performer, not a drain!

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