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Much is written about the need for employers to motivate their staff. There’s a lot they can do to make the workplace the type of place that enables you to feel engaged and productive in your job. But what are you doing to make this happen? Motivate yourself!

  • Re-Discover A Sense of Purpose

Unless your job has always been a bummer, you probably felt good about work in the past. Try to remember the kinds of tasks, teamwork, or other factors you enjoyed. And what about today? What are the most interesting things you’re doing now? What gives you greatest satisfaction? Activities, relationships, and experiences that help you feel there’s some point to what you do inspire you to want to do a good job. Some people wait for “retreats” or management to define this. Figure it out yourself. Find your sense of purpose again.

  • Learn What You Don’t Know

Don’t sit around waiting for your employer to provide annual trainings, industry conferences, or other learning experiences. What’s keeping you from seeking new knowledge on your own? Bitterness can cause you to resist putting forth any effort because you feel your employer is squeezing enough from you already. Harboring this resentment hurts you the most in the long run, so break free from disinterest and unhappiness: stimulate your mind and your soul by learning something new. Enjoy time exploring the library or bookstore for material to help you do your job better. Sign up for workshops on your own. And go back to school for more formal instruction if this will help you get ahead or simply excites you. You’ll learn what you need to know to boost your competence but will also put energy and enthusiasm back into your daily routine.

  • Don’t “Retire” From Work

Though it’s great stress management to have pleasurable activities to look forward to outside of work, you can have so much fun that you “retire” from your job, psychologically speaking. Your mind is on these enjoyable activities and yearns for more good times. With today’s technology, it’s easy to connect to entertainment whenever you want to. How can work compete with this?! Even mindless web surfing can become a big-time distraction and undermine your motivation to work, so take a close look at how much time and mental space you’re spending on non-work activities. You’re completely in control of this, so it’s up to you to make a commitment to make your job the focus of your attention again.

While there are many things your employer can do to help you feel good about your job, the bottom line is that you are still the one who is in control of your motivation and engagement. Work will always be work, but get yourself back on track so both you and your employer win!

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