Success Depression

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After working for years to make it to the top, success may not be the thrill you thought it would be. Instead, you may feel discontented and glum. Some feel outright depressed. To kick this dispiritedness, it’s important to understand why you feel let down and take steps to pull out of the funk.

  • You Miss The “Wins”

You did a lot of maneuvering and strategizing to get where you are today. This involved a lot of little conquests and “wins.” They provided great joy and helped you feel pumped as your star continued to rise. But these victories slow down and sometimes disappear altogether as you settle into your new role. You may need a new ladder to climb. Chat with your mentor or success coach. If you remain stuck and your mood continues to decline, a mental health consultation will help. Success depression is real.

  •  “Is This All There Is?”

Whether you pursue a new challenge or not, it may become clear to you that success is not bringing you the exhilaration joyfulness you thought it would. Those most vulnerable are those who believed that winning a certain title or prize would be the highlight of their life, or those who assumed that once they started making a certain amount of money, the world would be theirs. You quickly learn that these “endpoints” or “success destinations” make you proud and happy for a while, but don’t sustain you over the long run. Work is always work, and even though high levels of success bring you greater options, they still have a “grind” to them that you must endure.

  • Remember That Success Is A Process

The true joy of success occurs in that struggle you’ve always had to make to achieve and excel. It isn’t one specific event or accomplishment. It’s a process ― the ability to obtain a winning outcome. This means taking the necessary steps to reach your goals and enjoying the excitement of the “wins” along the way. So when you start to feel stalemated and static, create new dreams and go for them!

Though it sounds contradictory, success can be depressing. You’ll experience less disappointment by understanding that the luster will fade and that some sameness will set in. Keep finding ways to enjoy new “wins” in your career or in your personal life to boost your mood and spark new plans for the future.

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