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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Congratulations on your success! Feels good to do well in life and to look forward to doing even better in the future. Many people feel this way, and are stunned when bigger and better things don’t come their way. Success doesn’t just happen – you make it happen, so stay on top of your game!

  • Don’t Rest on Your Laurels

Take pride in your accomplishments and by all means enjoy your success, but don’t expect to get mileage from this forever. You must continue to work to maintain and grow your success. Recall the attitudes and behaviors that got you to this point, and strengthen and use them with consistency and persistence. Embrace lifelong learning so that your skills stay fresh. And add new capabilities to keep yourself competitive. It’s easy to become complacent and to try to coast once you become successful, but get yourself back into gear and get moving!

  • Seek Critical Feedback

In addition to assessing your own strengths, weaknesses, and needs for improvement, get feedback from the Critics in your Success Entourage too. These are the folks who don’t play games with you and “tell it like it is” regarding the things you could do better. Unlike your Fans who just tell you what you want to hear, Critics know that this will cause you to lose your edge and likely get you into trouble, so they are frank and candid with you at all times. But even they can lose some perspective over the years, so add new Critics at each level of success you attain so that you are continuously surrounded by people who understand your current challenges and competitors. This will help you make necessary changes and course corrections to prepare for what lies ahead.

  • Ditch Distractions

Stay a top performer by sharpening your ability to focus and keep your concentration keen. Kick distractions to the curb and nix your pride in being a major multi-tasker. Splitting your attention to juggle many tasks at once isn’t necessarily a good thing as performance demands increase and carry greater consequences if you mess up and make mistakes. So remind yourself that everything coming in on your cellphone isn’t a life or death matter. Very few people have to respond immediately to every text, call or email. And while you’re busy updating your social media, what aren’t you doing that really needs your attention? Shut your door to block out noises and dissuade those stopping by to chat. Sit with your back to the opening of your cubicle or post a note of your choice to discourage interruptions when you’re on deadline. Counter inner distractions too if negative self-talk or other troublesome ruminations interfere with the flow of your work and productivity.

There is no secret to staying at the top of your game. It requires the same hard work and persistence that got you there in the first place, so get back in the game and get busy!

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