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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Mother’s Day is a great time for Moms everywhere to get their “props”. But Fast-Tracking mothers can become filled with torment this time of year. You know you love your family and continue to do all you can for them. But subtle and not-so-subtle messages all around can cause you to feel that no matter how much you do, it’s not enough. This is especially so when the subject of parenting comes up. “How could you really be doing enough if most of your time is spent at work?” This Mother’s Day start pushing back hard on this negativity. Savor the happiness and success of your family and allow yourself to take well-deserved credit for contributing to it!

  • Dump the Guilt

There’s no reason for angst because you’re not doing anything wrong by being enthused and engrossed in your career. Yes, it does mean that you don’t have as much time as others to spend at home with your spouse, children, family and friends, but why is this the end of the world? The experiences and perspectives you bring to your family when you are around are extremely valuable and should be viewed as such. It is NOT necessarily the case that you would be the best homemaker or caretaker if you did it full-time, so dump that guilt-trip. Include top notch folks in your Success Entourage to take care of your family and let them shine. Then you can excel at what you do best without feeling that you should be at home doing it yourself. And ditch the mantra that “My family comes first!” The reality is that, like generations before you, your job is coming first but you are making sure that your family is getting the finest care and attention you can in your absence.

  • Learn From Mentors

There are many nuances in how you organize and juggle your career and family life at high levels of success, so learn all you can from other Fast-Trackers who have “Been there, Done that!” Mentors abound and it’s fine if they don’t “adopt” you. Study them — even from afar. There’s plenty to learn about how they handle their success and personal life, so take careful note. Many people become frustrated that high profile mentors won’t take them under their wing. These are folks on the go who have tons of mentees already, so don’t get caught up on that. Watch them. Listen to them. You may never have a personal relationship with them, but that’s really okay. They can teach you a lot of what you need to know anyway!

  • Enjoy Your Success!

Above all else, allow yourself to enjoy your success! It took a lot of sweat and grit to get to this point. And it’s not something everyone can accomplish. Being proud doesn’t make you a show off. It makes you entitled to be recognized for your success and for how this enriches those around you in very special ways. The fact that you can’t do all the “hands on” things that others have time to do does not negate your powerful and positive impact.Mother’s Day can evoke a mix of emotions for Fast-Tracking Moms. But lighten up. Give yourself a break. You have nothing to feel apologetic about, so go ahead and enjoy your Special Day!

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