Say “GoodBye” to SuperMom

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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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In celebration of Mother’s Day, bid farewell to the SuperMom Syndrome. Stop taking care of everyone and doing everything for others while neglecting yourself and your own needs. There’s no thanks in it and, ultimately, it leads to seething anger and eventual decline.

  • Take Stock of How Much You’re Doing

Take a good look at how much you’re doing. Running a company? Being Top-Wife-of the-Year? Raising the finest kids on the block? Making sure the neighborhood is stellar and that all the unfortunates in your community are helped? These are all noble tasks, but typically are more than any one person can manage alone. It’s okay to admit that you’re on overload.

  • Ask For Help

Stop doing it all and let others help. Learn to delegate at work and empower your staff in the process. They’ll welcome the opportunity to shine. At home, let your mate pull their weight by doing the chores and responsibilities they should take care of to keep the household running. And, since you don’t have kids by yourself, your mate should be shuttling across town to tutoring, soccer practice and other appointments throughout the week too. Take turns, decide who likes what, but divvy up the load so that it doesn’t all fall on you. As a team, you both need to decide how best to manage community obligations and commitments so that you’re not the only one who’s doing it all.

  • Take Time for You

Most importantly, your schedule must include time for you. That is time you take to stare into space, enjoy a hobby, exercise, participate in a self improvement activity, or simply flop in a chair to read a book. This is not an option. This is a must. You can’t go day after day, year after year taking care of the world without attending to your own needs. There are far too many stories of those who succumb to major illness or even death because they fail to take care of their own health, leisure and recreation, or self-care. Don’t be one of these tragedies.

This Mother’s Day, honor yourself and say “”GoodBye” to SuperMom. Let her go. There’s no glory in feeling burned out, worn out, and run down, so make a vow to stop doing it all!



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