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show people out who disrespectFeeling ‘dissed and disrespected? You’ve got plenty of company. Successful people often are dogged by those who resent their success and who treat them with incivility. While you may opt to ignore these antagonizers, there are times when taking action is better.  Who are these folks?

  • Disgruntled Employees

Many of the people who work for you grew up feeling that their every word is golden and that they’re entitled to express themselves whenever and in whatever manner they wish. They may deride you during meetings and try to diminish your authority in other forums. Your peers may encourage you to blow this off and to be understanding because these folks are simply overindulged. But this “overindulgence” often equates to poor home training and doesn’t have to be tolerated at work. These employees need to understand what is expected of their behavior and should be encouraged to seek employment elsewhere if they can’t express themselves without disrespect.

  • Competitive Colleagues

There may be times when colleagues treat you with disrespect too. Some simply may be frosted by your success and want to chill your further rise. Others may be deliberately jockeying for your position. They may try to make you look bad when you appear together in business situations, and may send out communications that cast you in a negative light. You can counter with humor to neutralize some of these putdowns, but more often you will need to confront their incivility directly.

  • Social Media Trolls

These days everybody can have a public voice, including those with many grievances to air. Successful people are great targets of their ire, especially if you have a high profile and make comments and decisions that affect them in some way. Disgruntled employees may be in this group, but can include people who don’t even know you personally who swipe at you. Their ventings need to be monitored and managed. If you’re extremely busy, you’ll be wise to have someone handle this for you. It quickly can become a full-time job. But if you must monitor it yourself, take it seriously and stay on top of it.

High-profilers can be subject to disrespect from many sources. Don’t always let it slide. You’ve worked hard to build a polished professional brand and must continuously protect it against those who try to tarnish it.


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