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Rude co-workers are a bummer. It’s bad enough to be in a job you may not really like, but dealing with colleagues who add to your misery can be too much to bear. You’re right to expect better of your workplace.

  • Speak Up

Don’t just “Let it go” when co-workers are rude even though this may feel like the easiest thing to do. They shouldn’t take things off your desk without asking, raid your snack stash, or bust into your office and start talking when you’re on the phone or speaking to another visitor. Saying nothing conveys that it’s OK to do this when it’s not. You don’t have to be belligerent about it, but you do need to let these folks know that they need to ask before taking stuff or interrupting you. It’s a matter of basic civility for people to ask permission for things and to find out if it’s a good time to bother you.

  • Reject Putdowns

When co-workers “lose it” and start cussing at you or calling you names, don’t make excuses for them. This is not acceptable. Period. You deserve to be spoken to with respect, regardless of whether they’re “having a bad day.” Let them know you’ll listen to what they have to say once they can do so appropriately.

  • Just Say “NO” to Bullying

People who consistently yell, brow beat and denigrate others are no longer just being rude – they are bullies. Make no mistake about this. This type of behavior is how they exert power over others to get their way. Not only bosses do this. Co-workers can be bullies too. Push back on this. Healthy workplaces have zero tolerance for bullying and will be the first to support you in your refusal to tolerate psychological harassment. Show your co-worker the door.

It may be impossible to work in an organization where there are no rude co-workers, but you don’t have to put up with their incivility. Confront discourteous behavior promptly, and if you ever become the victim of downright bullying, go through formal channels to expose this emotional abuse and oust it from your workplace.

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