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Holiday Host SnowmanAs a holiday host in this age of social media, you can feel tremendous pressure to “create a memory.”  This means spending a lot of money on festive décor and finery to impress everyone who attends your get-togethers and so you can produce amazing photos and videos to post online. Advertising abounds to persuade you to make every event a “Wow!” occasion. Resist this manipulation. As you host your holiday guests, just be yourself.

  • Serve What You Can Afford

Use the occasion to strut your culinary stuff by preparing or bringing in favorites that make you proud but that don’t break the bank. Sure, some of your guests may expect pheasant under glass, but they can excuse themselves and go eat in a restaurant if they don’t like what you’re serving. And if your funds are low this year, don’t be too proud to ask family and friends to bring a dish or a beverage. You may feel that pot luck is tacky, but you’re providing the place for everyone to have a great time and that’s worth a lot.

  • Don’t Hide the Paper and Plastic

“High Society” will cringe, but serve your delicious meal with paper and plastic if you want to. You may feel ashamed that you don’t have fine china, silver, and crystal, or simply want to enjoy quick clean up, but don’t dwell on this. Guests will devour your feast no matter scooped from foil chafing dishes. And those who feel this is beneath them should decline the invitation next year. In fact, you may need to re-think your guest list if there are those partaking of your hospitality who are looking down their nose at you.

  • Be Proud of Your Home

Often the greatest expense racked up by a holiday host are those associated with buying new furnishings and decorations. Unless you budgeted for this, resist the temptation to spend what you don’t have. Give everything a good cleaning and show off your best, but don’t go into hock to impress others. Your ego may get a boost for the day, but will take a quick dive once those shopping bills roll in. If money is not an issue and you want to entertain with dazzle, go for it! Just do so in keeping with your personality and that of your family, not who you think others want you to be.

It’s generous and gracious of you to be a holiday host for family and friends during the holidays. Just be yourself. No matter how much you want everything to be of show quality this time of year, keep your focus on enjoying your guests and helping them have a great time!

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