Holiday Stress

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Holiday Stress

E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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The holiday season is here, so expect your stress meter to rise. Even if you vow to take it easy, your senses will be bombarded by all the holiday hype and excitement – causing you to feel that you should be doing more, increasing feelings of tension and edginess. Take steps to manage the days ahead so that stress doesn’t strain the holidays for you.

  • Plan Your Activities

Like most people, you probably have a limited amount of time off during the holidays so try to make the most of it. Map out what you want to do and how you’re going to do it. Gift shopping takes time – even online, so force yourself to make some type of list to guide your web purchases or trips to the mall. Ditto with grocery shopping – especially if you’re hosting family gatherings, dinner parties, or other holiday festivities. You can spend valuable days meandering from store to store, making multiple trips to build and stock your menus if you don’t plan ahead. For some people, this is the fun they enjoy during the holidays. Great. But, if you’d rather have that time to do other things, plan ahead!

  • Don’t Overdo

While there are many exciting activities taking place this time of year, it’s not necessary to attend all of them. Great networking opportunities abound, but be selective. Decide what it is you want to accomplish, who you want to meet, and put these events at the top of your list. And be smart. If you’re unemployed, every day is a job search day so stick to those activities that have helpful information or are more likely to put you into contact with those who can help you. But don’t zoom to every event in town with a sack of resumes to pass out to everyone you’re introduced to. Doing this might temporarily calm your nerves about being out of work this time of year, but it’s not likely to be effective or to put you in a positive light with those you meet. And, of course, resist spending money you don’t have. There are plenty of free or low cost activities you can enjoy, and many creative ways to show appreciation to family and friends without adding the financial stress of buying things or going places you can’t afford.

  • Allocate Time to De-Stress

To avoid feeling worn out when the holidays are over and wondering where all your time went, take care to build in time to be “on vacation.” Spending your entire time ripping and running, partying hearty, entertaining relatives or just visiting them in their locales, is likely to leave you feeling drained. Save a day here or there simply to de-stress — by whatever means you enjoy. You’ll feel rejuvenated as you wind down the year and will be refreshed in outlook and attitude when it’s time to return to your usual routine

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year, full of merriment and joy for many. Don’t let stress ruin your good times. Plan ahead and guard your time vigorously!



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