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decompress-stress free zone signThere’s something to be said for commuting to and from work: the travel gives you time to decompress before you head into the hassles that wait for you at home. Sure, there are rush hour headaches on the road, but start looking at this “free” time as “me” time and you’re likely to start feeling its benefits immediately.

  • Enjoy Some Music

If you’re only listening to yourself cuss at drivers whizzing around you on the road, try loading your car with some of your favorite tunes instead. Listening to music will help soothe your nerves, as well as defuse your anger about that car that just cut you off. Before you know it, you’ll put your energy into singing, humming, or tapping to the beat. And even if you’re riding on the bus or train, use the travel time to enjoy your music. And get a good pair of headphones to block out all the cellphone chatter around you too!

  • Stop To Shop

Even if you work nearby, there’s no requirement to rush home immediately. Take some time to run an errand or browse for a few minutes at a favorite store. You can decompress by wandering from aisle to aisle at the grocery store too or chill in a restaurant lobby as you pick up something for dinner. These stops give you a chance to clear your head and to settle down before you collect the kids or get home to care for infirm parents or in-laws.

  • Decompress While Bettering Yourself!

Many people routinely schedule gym time, dance classes, sports, art workshops, therapy, or other personal development and recreational activities after work. This delays your arrival time at home, but gives you a predictable timeframe for doing something you enjoy. This probably will cost you more in childcare if you don’t have a partner to share pick-up duties, but will prove worth it in helping you manage stress and your mood. And it will help the stress and mood of your family too!

It’s important to decompress after work before heading into the fray at home. Take time to disconnect from the rigors of the day and give yourself a boost by enjoying a little “me” time first!

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