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It’s become commonplace to see merchants tethered to their cell phones as they greet and wait on customers in their businesses. The phones are never on silent and when they ring, shoppers stand by patiently as lengthy business and even personal calls are answered. But remember that you’re the customer with money in hand who’s giving it to the seller now, so shouldn’t you be their primary concern? You bet you should! Insist upon receiving quality service.

  • Just Say “No”

When your seller’s phone rings and he or she asks: “OK if I take this call?” don’t be so cooperative. It’s fine to say, no, you don’t care to wait and would like to proceed with the reason you made the trip to their business. You have every right to expect to be treated as a valued customer, but sometimes you have to insist that this value be demonstrated.

  • Ignore Pings

As you discuss your business needs, you shouldn’t be interrupted by pings and dings alerting your seller of incoming calls and other messages. At the very least the phone should be on low volume, but ideally should be silenced altogether so your merchant can focus on you. Don’t help them neglect you by pointing out that their phone is ringing. If they have that much urgent communication coming in, clearly they need to hire more help so that all customer needs can be met.

  • Object To Texts

And don’t be dissed by merchants who text away while you’re talking to them! Some don’t bother to ask if you care and immediately look downward and start typing away the moment they get a new text. While they may be adept at doing two things at once, they’re definitely not giving you their full attention. Object to this so that they can completely address your needs.

When you’re buying goods and services a seller is not doing you a favor — you’re paying for what you’re getting. Help merchants value your business and remember that you are helping them stay in business!


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