Be Mindful Of Your Messages

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Feeling rushed and stressed every day can drive you to dash off a response to every text or email you receive, but chill. Don’t just whip out a response to clear your inbox. Rash responses can result in negative consequences, so take time to reply correctly.

  • Be Mindful As You Write

Focus your attention on what you’re doing so you can craft your message carefully. Think about what’s being asked of you and how you want to reply. If you’re initiating the message, why are you writing it and what are the key points you want to communicate? Everyone is busy these days, so eliminate fluff and get to the point. And note messages that are for information only so you don’t waste time replying to those that don’t require your time and energy.

  • Edit Your Message

Once you’ve written your message, take time to review and edit it several times. You may think that a quick scan of what you’ve written is sufficient, but you’re likely to find mistakes after each review. Try it. See what additional revisions you make. And don’t insult recipients by adding a tagline to the bottom of your message asking the reader to excuse mistakes because you don’t want to take the time to correct them. It’s a poor reflection of you and your professionalism — Period.

  • Don’t Be In A Rush To Send

Though you’re eager to get your message on its way, slow down. Give yourself an edge. Delay sending the message in case you think of additional changes or corrections you want to make. Unless it’s an urgent matter, what’s the rush? Change your outbox settings to let the messages sit a bit. Then if you have an afterthought, you can review that particular message again and see if it really expresses what you want to say.

In this age of immediacy, everyone feels they must respond instantly to everything, causing them to send out messages that are half-baked or laden with errors. Slow down. Take your time. Organize your thoughts so you can send messages that present you in the best light possible.


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