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‘Tis the season to be networking and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet new people at all the festive events taking place this time of year. But don’t make a poor impression by being insistent upon getting immediate benefit from the people you meet. Give before you expect to get when networking.

  • Don’t Start Networking When You Need Something

The worst thing you can do is charge into the networking circuit when you need something. Sure, you’re looking for a new job, but where have you been until now? Of course, you need some business referrals, but who even knows what business you’re in? Why should anyone want to help you when they’ve never had any contact with you before? Start building relationships before you need to ask folks to do something for you.

  • Don’t Avoid “Humdrum” Events

It’s easy to believe that the only events worth attending are those in your field or that provide you with access to plenty of “movers and shakers.”  Don’t be a snob. Many successful people tell memorable stories about key players they met at family gatherings or “run-of-the-mill” community events that you think are going to be a bust. You never know who’s going to show up where so, as your schedule permits, enjoy a range of interests and activities.

  • Give To Get

Particularly during the holiday season, people expect you to be giving rather than only looking out for what you can get for yourself when you’re networking. Keep this principle in mind throughout the year too. You’ll have many opportunities to help others, so be generous. Take pleasure in sparking the success of others. Some formal networking clubs adhere strictly to this principle and require you to bring business leads or other opportunities to each meeting that will help other members. While you don’t have to be this deliberate, do more listening than talking during your networking and you’ll quickly hear the ways you can give others a boost.

It may sound corny, but keep your focus on giving when you’re networking. People are more inclined to open doors for you when they feel good about the person who’ll be walking through them.

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