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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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The holiday season is a great time for networking. Most people are in a festive mood and many take advantage of this time of year to host events and to attend them. You should too. The hectic pace of business at other times likely causes you to ignore the need to cultivate new relationships and to show appreciation to those who already aid your success. Do things differently this year. Review your contact list, identify new targets, and get busy!

  • Make Calls

Yes, everyone is busy, but you may be pleasantly surprised to find that people take your call during this time of year. Sometimes it’s because their pace has slowed a bit. Sometimes it’s simply that they feel like talking now when they may not at other times. Thank those who have been helpful referral sources, vendors, or other contributors to your success. And take a chance to reach out to new prospects. Who have you been meaning to contact but haven’t gotten around to calling? Do it now.

  • Send Greetings

Take time to extend best wishes to your contacts. Like calling, this is something that should be a standard part of your networking throughout the year – even more so, because it doesn’t require getting people directly on the telephone or on location for lunch, for example. But certainly you should make time to send greetings during the holidays. Express your thanks for their support of your business or of you, professionally, if they’ve been helpful in other ways. People like to be appreciated and, indeed, they should. Be grateful for any interest others show in you.

  • Accept Invitations

Typically there are many social events taking place at the end of the year. You may be hosting one yourself – generously showing appreciation to your friends and associates while enjoying your own targeted networking forum. But if not, don’t just toss the invitations you receive. Enjoy the chance to spend some social time with those you don’t get to mingle with during the year. Or muster the courage to get out and meet those you don’t know but who might be helpful to you in the future. This is especially so for those who are job seeking or looking for new opportunities. People can’t consider you if they don’t know you, so get out there!

The end of the year can be fun as well as productive in furthering your networking goals. Don’t let this prime opportunity slip by without taking action. There’s no way to tell what will come of your efforts, but one thing’s for sure –- doing nothing will result in –- nothing.



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