Help Fathers Get Help

fathers in therapyFather’s Day season is a great time to encourage dads to seek help for personal and professional problems, and to increase self-awareness and growth. As a clinician, you have the perfect skills to help them with these issues, and to help fathers strengthen relationships with their spouses and kids. Reach out to them.

  • Post Information Targeting Fathers On Your Website

Many prospective patients begin their pursuit of treatment by searching for information on the Internet. Assist them by including self-help material and tools on your website. Since women tend to seek treatment more often than men, wives may be the first to look for information for their spouses, so remember this as you decide what to post on your site. And showcase your expertise. If you have a specialization such as family therapy, for example, you can discuss common problems experienced by fathers and how treatment can help. Many men learn for the first time facts they didn’t know about growing up male, about men and masculinity, relationships, and fatherhood viewed from their perspective and with their unique needs in mind. Keep your writing clear and concise, as well as free of jargon.

  • Conduct Community Workshops For Fathers

You can provide encouragement to dads in person by conducting psychoeducational or skill building workshops in the community. People love to talk to practitioners and some view this as a prime opportunity to “test drive” how they’d feel working with you in treatment. But most importantly, many are helped a lot by what they learn in seminars and draw the conclusion for themselves that they need to get help. You can offer these forums as fee-for-service, or donate your expertise through a host institution.

  • Serve On Advisory & Governing Boards

Clinicians often decline to serve on community boards because the prep time and meetings cut into their practice, but reconsider this. Some advisory and governing boards of agencies and organizations meet quarterly, and even those with monthly meetings may convene at times that will work with your schedule. This volunteer service provides a platform for you to educate the public about the mental health needs of families in general and fathers in particular, so accept the invitation to serve. You’ll be glad you did.

Take time this Father’s Day season to reach out to dads. This is a moment when they may be more mindful of the need to improve their personal and professional lives and may be more motivated to contact you for help.

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