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Much has been written about the stresses of women who are running private practices while raising children but little, if any, attention is devoted to men who are doing the same. The stresses of a successful practice affect men as much as women, and impact how you manage these demands along with those of your children and family.

  • Running A Practice Consumes You and Your Time

When you run a practice, you’re running a business. You’re fully responsible for getting everything done. This includes the important work you do to help your patients. But it also includes seeing that your office is clean, that the lights work, and that the magazines in your waiting room are cool and up to date. Sure, you may hire others to take care of these things but, ultimately, it’s up to you to address all the needs of the business. This is extremely draining of your time, energy and emotional reserves, so practice good self-care to have juice left to devote to yourself and your family.

  • Your Family Needs You Too

While you must stay dedicated to your practice if it is to continue to grow and prosper, your family needs you too. You totally realize that you’re a key ingredient in the growth and development of your own children and many practitioners are quick to insist that “My family comes first!” But then they spend all of their waking hours at the office taking care of everybody else. You have considerable power and control as a business owner, so think deeply about those times when you can, indeed, put your family 1st. It’s too late to get in on the milestone events and special occasions that you already missed, but resolve to enjoy them now.

  • Enjoy Your Special Day

Even if you haven’t spent as much time with your family over the years as you’d like, it’s okay to let them praise you. Father’s Day is a great time for this. Take time off to enjoy the festivities and to give yourself an opportunity to de-stress and unwind. Work will always be there so you can jump back into the fray tomorrow. But for today ― just have some fun!

Dads who are Docs have to juggle the demands of work and family life just like practitioner Moms. This Father’s Day slow down long enough to enjoy your special day with those who want to celebrate you!”

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