Mindful Marketing


Mindful Marketing

E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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As you teach your patients how to become more mindful, be sure to practice what you preach. Take time to think about what you’re doing as you market your business so that your efforts and energy get results.

  • Who Are You Targeting?

Many practitioners start marketing willy-nilly without any thought about who they’re trying to reach. You may say, “Everybody!” but this is not reasonable. No matter how diverse your clinical skills are, you can’t help everybody so you need to determine your niche. Who do you enjoy working with? Who are you good at working with? Set time aside to think about this when you don’t have appointments, aren’t expecting calls, and are caught up with your paperwork so that your mind can be clear. You may want to go into the office on an off day when all is quiet and there are few distractions and tensions.

  • How Can You Help Them?

Once you’re clearer about who you want to work with, determine exactly how you can help them. Sure, you have many talents and skills, but zero in on those that solve the problems your target populations are wrestling with. Think about the types of issues they call you about. Note patterns and trends. Which have you helped them resolve best? Be mindful of your most successful cases and enjoy a moment to feel proud of the great work you’ve done. But remain mindful that you are making a business assessment. There must be a demand for your services that patients are willing to pay for. They can’t simply be of interest to you.

  • Map Your Steps Before You Act

After defining your niche and the services you want to promote, take time to determine just what you’re going to do next. The best next step isn’t always a fancy marketing campaign. Sometimes, the best next thing to do is to call your colleagues to let them know about your practice specialization and that you would appreciate their referrals. They may be surprised to learn that you’re targeting youth when they always thought you worked with adults. This often happens when you’ve been marketing to “everybody.” Your message probably has been much too general. And if you do make a major change in your practice focus, it’s fine to explain that you’re adapting to changes in the marketplace like all good business owners.

In managing your practice, be as mindful about your marketing as you tell people they must be about their lives. Think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it so that your business can soar!

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