Marketing Your Practice Is Not An “Option”



E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Very seasoned practitioners as well as newbies often discuss whether they need to market their practices. There’s nothing to discuss about this. Marketing is not an “option”– it’s a necessity. Get over your resistance to “selling yourself” and understand that you must help the public understand why they should contact you instead of your competitors when they need help.

  • Who Are You?

There are plenty of mental health professionals in town, so what’s so special about you? Who ARE you? You have to distinguish yourself from the crowd and many practitioners fail to do this. Their marketing materials sound like everybody else’s, so why should a prospective patient contact them? Their materials probably end up in the trash. Don’t fall into this trap. Identify your “brand” so that the public learns who you are and what makes you and your practice unique.

  • How Can You Help?

Raising your visibility is essential, but don’t just put out “puff pieces” that only extol your credentials. Spell out how you can help them with their problems and concerns. Why are you the best one for them to work with? It’s always best when they feel they have the answer to this question. That’s why referrals sent to you by colleagues and other professional sources work so well. There is an “endorsement” of the fact that you know what you’re doing and that you will be a great source of help to the patient being referred to you. When you’re trying to establish your reputation outside of your existing referral network, you must make this case yourself. Promote your ability to help in a clear manner.

  • Who Are You Again?

Once your name is “out there,” you must take care to assure that it stays on the minds of prospective patients. Many practitioners spend a lot of money on elaborate marketing campaigns that end quickly and leave no continuing “presence”. Keep promoting yourself and your practice. This is not one of those things that “would be nice” to do. It is essential to the success and long term viability of your practice.

Marketing is necessary for the survival of your business. Don’t fool yourself with the idea that this is an optional activity. Educating the public about what you do and how you can help them is an integral part of your practice success, so grit your teeth and accept that you will be engaged in promotional activities throughout the life of your business.

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