Volunteer To Boost Visibility

There aren’t enough hours in the day for all you need to do, but try anyway to find time to serve as a volunteer. In addition to contributing to the growth and well-being of your community, you may be pleasantly surprised to enjoy increased professional visibility too.

  • Discover Causes You Care About

There are pressing needs in every town across the country and around the world. Learn more about these needs and what others are doing to address them. Identify the issues you care about most, and ponder your “purpose” in life to determine which of these causes puts you on the path to carry it out.  You want to spend your energy and resources in support of a mission that sparks passion within your soul, so think deeply about the causes that seriously matter to you.

  • Attend Events

As you research your interests, you’ll discover agencies, organizations, and initiatives around the globe that are striving to make a difference. They work hard, but typically don’t have sufficient staff to carry out their reason for being fully.  They welcome hands-on help from volunteers, but also appreciate your service on their committees, advisory boards, and boards of directors. This is especially true for the professional associations in your field and specialties that are trying to have an impact on a multitude of issues. So learn more about the organizations you might want to help. Online research is easy and convenient, but get out of the office too.  Take a tour if one is offered.  Meet with the volunteer coordinator and find out about the organization’s special events. Many will be charitable fundraisers, but others may be designed to educate the public or spur advocacy.  Participating in these events enables you to meet leadership and staff, as well as beneficiaries of the agency’s mission. It also provides you with great opportunities to Introduce yourself, so take plenty of business cards!

  • Tell Your Network You Want To Volunteer

In addition to identifying causes on your own, let your network know that you want to volunteer. They’re surely involved with many organizations, and have influence to recommend you to others. They can nominate you for service on various committees and boards, so make sure they know your key interests, expertise, and availability. This helps them learn more about you, increases your profile, and makes it easier for them to promote you. And don’t hesitate to nominate yourself.  Some types of appointments are based upon “who you know,” but others aren’t and their representatives will be delighted to receive your self-nomination.  In all cases, be sure to keep an abbreviated version of your vita at the ready so you can provide it quickly upon request.

Volunteering is noble and is of great value to the organizations you serve. But it’s also a terrific way to boost your professional visibility, so get out of the office and use your unique skills to benefit yourself and the world around you!

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