Leave Staff on Vacation Alone

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staff on vacationSome managers want to keep staff tethered to them at all times — even when employees are on vacation. Don’t be one of these folks. Leave your workers alone! They deserve to take time off for much needed rest and recuperation. Do your job and let them enjoy their time away.

  • Provide Coverage

It may cost you to bring in extra help to cover staff who are on vacation, but it will cost you more to have tired, burned out workers on the job. Some departments may get by with having those on duty absorb colleagues’ work responsibilities, but don’t get carried away with this. Limit the coverage to essential functions to keep non-vacationing staff from becoming worn out too.

  • Wish Them Bon Voyage

Don’t begrudge your staff their right to take time off. Some managers make it clear that they resent vacation requests, signaling that the needs of the company should always be the priority. Intellectually, they acknowledge that employees deserve to use their vacation benefits, but in reality they don’t expect them to take off until it’s a “good time.” Unfortunately, in many workplaces this “good time” never comes, causing folks to become overworked and exhausted. Instead of being miffed, show an interest in the vacation plans of your personnel. Wish them a hearty farewell and send them on their way!

  • Leave Employees Alone While They’re On Vacation

Though your vacationing worker may be the only one who knows this or that, don’t intrude upon your staff while they’re on vacation. Constantly calling, emailing or texting prevents them from being off-duty, keeping you and the company “in their head.” Tell folks — including superiors — that he or she is on vacation. Will it really be the end of the world if you don’t communicate with them until they return to work? All levels of management must understand that employees need time off without being disturbed by work and if others complain about this, have the courage to be an advocate for the well-being of those who work for you. Leave your vacationers alone.

Vacations are beneficial for your staff and for your organization as well. Encourage employees to take time off so they can return to work feeling refreshed and ready for the mission ahead. It’s a win for them and a big win for you too!


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