Trauma to Others Can Mean Trauma for You Too

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unhappy faceUpon hearing news about all kinds of trauma occurring across the country and around the world, you may feel guiltily relieved that the horror isn’t happening in your town. But these days you can’t rest too easy because mass tragedy can occur in your community too. Though you may not be a direct victim, don’t underestimate the power of these heartbreaking events. You can feel traumatized too!

  • Acknowledge Your Distress

When a tragedy occurs, don’t ignore any emotional reaction you may have. Many people are reluctant to acknowledge that they’re feeling depressed or anxious, but these are understandable responses to these terrible events. Journal your thoughts and feelings. Use music or art to express yourself. Don’t be ashamed of your emotions. Talk about them with others. You’ll see that many are feeling the same way.

  • Get Help

Following a local tragedy, most communities provide crisis intervention, grief counseling, and other support services to its residents. Typically, there is no or very minimal cost. Take advantage of this assistance. And ask your employer to provide crisis support too. Most EAP’s do a great job of making this help available, so go in for a session — even if all you do is vent. It’s perfectly okay and is a good stress reducer.

  • Take Some Action!

Whenever you feel put upon and vulnerable, it’s important to take some action! Traumatic events can cause you to feel out of control, so take steps that are empowering. Therapy can help. And some connect with folks online or in person for support and are bolstered by this. Others feel the need to do more and make calls, write, or band together to identify solutions and effect change. This type of activism isn’t essential but can help you feel better.

Trauma can make its way into your life at any time, but certain types of tragedies are occurring with alarming frequency, so brace yourself. They can upset you even when they’re happening to others — including very far away. It’s usually not possible to eliminate the distress you feel completely but getting help will ease it.


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