Rein In Resentment

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It’s easy to become mired in resentment about the mind games and politics that go on in the workplace. But sporting a sour puss and cussing everyone out is a sure formula for disaster – usually yours. Don’t create problems for yourself.

  • Think Before You Speak

You may take pride in being one to tell people off when they do something you don’t like, but remember that you’re at work, not dealing with folks on the street or in your personal life. No one cares how you feel about everything, and seldom are your superiors or colleagues asking for your opinion. This may not be the healthiest approach, but it’s probably how things are where you work. They want you to focus on working, not sounding off about every problem. When they do allow you to vent, take the opportunity to simply state what’s bugging you instead of hurling personal attacks. It serves no useful purpose to “cut them down to size” and only makes the listener offended and unwilling to hear you. Bottom line: They have the power, not you.

  •  Mind Your Manners

While it’s imperative that you mind what you say when you’re angry, control your tone of voice and demeanor too. Defiant and belligerent body language is a turn-off, and makes it easy for authority figures to claim insubordination and to show you the door. It may not be your intent to lose your job, but this can be the result when you behave in an inappropriate or any threatening manner.

  • Adjust Your Attitude

You may be totally justified in feeling the way you do, but stoking anger will get you nowhere. Unlike aggravating friends and relatives that you can kick to the curb, you are stuck with difficult people in the workplace in most cases. Even if you transfer out or find a new company to work for, there will always be someone who gets on your nerves. Learn how to let the little things go and seek equitable solutions for the big ones. Exercise civility at all times. If you can’t improve your disposition on your own, get help so you can get back on the success track. This is a critical work skill.

There are many valid reasons for feeling disgruntled and resentful about things that go on at work. But festering resentment will bring you down, so become a positive agent of change, not one who must be put out the door.

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