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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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How do you come across to others? People are often stunned when they’re told they look angry because they don’t particularly feel peeved. A hostile demeanor can prevent you from moving ahead in the workplace. More importantly, it may cause you to be pushed back because of the negative vibes you radiate. Get control of yourself and stop undermining your success.

  • Pay Attention to Your Facial Expression

If you’re not aware that you constantly wear a frown, start paying close attention to your face. Find the closest mirror and check yourself out. Many people have been out of touch with their feelings and expressions for so long that they don’t recognize when their facial muscles are tight and permanently locked into a scowl. Look at yourself. What do you see? Like children who take delight in making different faces in the mirror, you may need to learn how to smile again so you can feel the difference between cheerfulness and your scowl!

  • Listen to Your Tone of Voice

Like your face, your tone of voice can telegraph negative vibes that you may not mean to communicate. If you’re not really angry, why are you shouting? Pay attention to how you sound so you can adjust your tone accordingly. A key component of emotional intelligence is knowing how to modulate your response to the situation you’re in and what people are saying to you.

  • Watch Your Body Language

Your body movements send messages too. Folding your arms in a vise grip across your body, turning your back when someone is speaking, or looking down to text or play games on your phone during your manager’s meeting all say a lot about you –- and it’s not good. In this age of technology it may be commonplace to check messages and reply, but unless you’re in a mission-critical role, is it the smartest thing to do while your boss is speaking? The answer is “No!” Interact with interest when you’re with others. This not only pleases them, but promotes your success too!

Your expressions and gestures say a lot about you when you interact with people. Make sure you’re at your best and that you’re always projecting success!

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