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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Planning to skip your company holiday party? Don’t. Many people hate these events because they don’t have fun, but remember that company parties are not strictly “social” gatherings – they’re business events. Don’t expect to have the rousing time you treasure with friends and family. Instead, take this great opportunity to network and promote yourself and your career.

  • Think Strategically

Make the decision to attend and then send in your RSVP enthusiastically. Keep your sour feelings to yourself. Think about colleagues and upper-level staff you’ll have the opportunity to talk to that you don’t get to see normally. In some organizations, you may not have access to these movers and shakers at all except at the holiday party. But don’t hound them about your overdue promotion or gripe about your workplace woes. Use this opportunity to shine.

  • Remember Your Brand

The social appearance of festive workplace events can cause you to forget you’re at work and prompt you to run your mouth or behave unflatteringly. Skip the booze if you don’t handle it well. Remember that you have a reputation to maintain, so make sure your conversation and actions polish your “brand”, not tarnish it.

  • Display Team Spirit

Even if you don’t like anybody you work with, get over it. Being a team player is a work skill, so show that you’re a member of the company “family”. Mix and mingle. Chit chat with everyone – including those who get on your nerves. You don’t have to act like they’re your best friends, but even arch enemies can be civil.

Holiday parties are great opportunities to increase your visibility and promote your career interests. Just remember that they’re work activities — don’t get too hearty at the party!

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